a vintage boutique for stellar babes

Thoughtful gorgeous creatures out there – Don't you feel like it’s time to rid your closet of cheaply made, mass produced brands, and upgrade to better quality pieces with a more unique style that is truly your own? That is exactly what vintage clothing offers. Superior quality, one of kind clothes that you can be proud to buy, wear, and have in your closet for years to come. There’s something very special about finding the perfect vintage piece that speaks to your creative side and feels so good on. And not to mention with each admiring compliment you receive, you can proudly say that it’s vintage. This is because you have recycled a garment that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill and you have avoided supporting the corporate giants that turn out “fast fashion” via unfair wages and poor working conditions. These are truths that our society is waking up to and if we all do our part, one little conscious purchase at a time, together we can have a worldwide impact. Spread the word… Shop vintage :)

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